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A Good Omens Icon Community

Iconoclastic fun!

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All Members , Moderated
Looking for that perfect GO icon to fill your fandom needs? Made some icons you think are pretty nifty and want to share them with others? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Just a few rules to get started:

1. Play nicely. No flaming, or you shall be treated as one of Crowley’s houseplants.

2. Respect the wishes of the icon makers. If they want you to credit, please credit. If they do not want you to hotlink, please do not hotlink.

3. Be fair. Do not take credit for icons you didn’t make. If you use someone else’s fanart or quote someone else’s fic, give them credit.

4. This is a community for sharing icons. However, that does not mean stealing other users’ personal icons. If you like the icon someone’s using, please ask them for it.

5. If for any reason, your icons may not be suitable for general audiences, please put them behind a cut. There is a nice set of instructions on how to do that here. This also applies for posting large numbers of icons.

6. Do try to stay on topic, won’t you? Community pimping is fine, but please keep it GO-related.

Also, all icons will be sorted by character in the community's memories for your browsing pleasure.

Okay, now that that’s through, enjoy yourselves, be creative, and don’t be afraid to post!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator,

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